His Name Is ‘Shalom’

(Editor's Note: As my mother entered the last moments of her life on this earth, I stood by her side, playing and singing along with the Robert Stearns song, “Shalom”.  Penned as a prayer for his young son, Stearns (also a Messianic Jew) sings that the only thing he can truly give him is, “Shalom”. I had prayed that Jesus Himself would come and take my mother to be with Him when it was time. And it was this, the defining moment of the song that I was singing to her when she opened her eyes for the last time.

I AM Shalom. My peace goes with you, to lead your way and keep you safe. Shalom, I AM the promise you have heard; the very revelation of the word – Shalom”

~Regina Benjamin Steiger)

Isaiah 53 is one of the most amazingly clear prophecies of Messiah and His death ever given in Hebrew Scripture. One of the verses is particularly powerful. It says, ‘The punishment for our peace fell upon Him.’ In the original Hebrew, it doesn’t say ‘The punishment for our peace.’ It says ‘the punishment for our shalom.’ Why is this important? Shalom means a lot more than peace. When you have shalom, you don’t just have peace, you have fullness, wholeness, prosperity, and well-being. Messiah didn’t die simply so you would have peace. He died so you would have shalom. In Hebrew, it doesn’t say ‘our shalom’ but ‘shalomeinu.’ It’s not two words, but one: “our” and “the shalom” can’t be separated. It’s inconceivable that in Messiah, you should ever be separated from shalom. Messiah didn’t die so you would ever be separated from shalom. He died that you and shalom would be together, that it would be inconceivable to ever imagine you without it. So start receiving your ‘shalomeinu,’ your fullness, your wholeness, and your well-being. It’s His gift and it’s your shalomeinu.

From Message #294 - Healing

No matter what your circumstances bring or what’s surrounding you, choose to live in the fullness of His Shalom.

Isa. 53:5