It's Not Gas...It's God!

You Have Been Set Apart

I have not written much for this blog in the last several months.   So much has been happening to advance the things I believe God has given me to do that part of me has been waiting to “tell it all” when the time is right.  But today, I feel led to speak to a particular group of people.  This is my open letter to them:

Dear Christian Homeschooled Students,

I want to encourage you to remember something crucial today. 

You are God’s Set – Apart Ones.

I can’t speak for all of your parents, but if they have undertaken this journey to educate you at home, with a curriculum infused with the truth of God, He has a reason, and I believe it is this.

There will come a time, sooner than either you or your parents realize, that you will go out into the world.  There you will be bombarded with all manner of ungodly ideas, philosophies, attitudes and laws.   And the world will insist you accept these things as truth.

But because God set you apart to learn about Him and His ways, you will know better.

You will know why He says:

·      ALL lives matter, including His children who are still in the womb.

·      Your identity is not defined by what is between your legs and what you do or don’t do with it.  You are His priceless, precious daughter.  You are His strong and courageous sonTHAT is your identity.

·      You were created by Him, for His purpose – to love Him and be loved by Him and to glorify Him by doing all the works He prepared for you to do before you set one foot on the earth. (Ephesians 2:10)

When the world tries to offer you its lies, insisting there is no God, or that our understanding of what He has said has “evolved” and now we have to make new rules and new laws to reflect how “enlightened” we have become – let your voice be a resounding NO!

 You were set apart by God Himself to learn the truth, know the truth, speak the truth and live the truth.  You have been secreted away for a season, undergoing training like a royal warrior who has been prepared to go forth in the Name of the Lord into a world that does not know Him.  You are the one who can introduce Him to your generation.

Declare it, out loud, over yourselves so that you will never forget,

“I have been set apart by God Himself for such a time as this!”

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