It's Not Gas...It's God!

The Mask is Off

The mask is off.

Videos are circulating on the Internet (but not much on your local news station) showing Planned Parenthood doctors discussing the sale of human body parts from the babies they abort, while  telling the rest of us that these babies aren’t actually humans.

Meanwhile in Detroit, a statue of satan is unveiled by a group that – guess what – has a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help fund abortion-on-demand, without what their site calls, “arbitrary, insulting abortion regulations.”   Like ultrasounds that show a woman she isn’t getting rid of a clump of cells, she’s allowing someone to murder a human being, which can then be sold for body parts. It would seem the current campaign isn’t the first.  Their last plea for money was funded 106% when it ended a month ago.

Growing up in the era when abortion was first legalized in the U.S., I’d bought the “clump of cells” line.  But then I took an anthropology class in college and learned that the human heart starts beating only 14 days after conception – which is usually before that first “missed period”.  Before a person even knows she’s pregnant.

If we define the end of life as happening when a human heart stops beating, by what stretch of insanity do we refuse to recognize its beginning from at least the moment that a human heart starts beating.

But let’s get back to that statue thing and a similar statue in the bible.  It was called Molech, and it was used for child sacrifices:

Molech (king). “The fire-god Molech was the tutelary deity of the children of Ammon… The image of Moloch (or Molech) was a human figure with a bull's head and outstretched arms, ready to receive the children destined for sacrifice. The image of metal was heated red hot by a fire kindled within, and the children laid on its arms rolled off into the fiery pit below. In order to drown the cries of the victims, flutes were played, and drums were beaten; and mothers stood by without tears or sobs, to give the impression of the voluntary character of the offering.”

I want you to stop for a moment and imagine that scene.  And then think of this: The statue unveiled in Detroit is shown accompanied by two young children, one on either side, staring up adoringly at the face of the one who wants to kill them.

Nice, huh?

The enemy of God detests human beings because we are made in the image of God – whom He detested first.  For millennia, he has worked to get rid of people and often, he uses the blinded minds and blackened hearts of other people to do it. If he can convince a mother to murder her child in the womb, he’s gotten rid of that life.  If the baby makes it out, grows up in a home with ridicule and/or neglect and as a teenager, takes his or her own life, the enemy has won again.

Four days after that statue was unveiled in Detroit, a young man who graduated from high school about six weeks ago, and who was headed to college in the fall, decided life wasn’t worth living and jumped in front of a semi truck half a mile from my house.  The next day, another young man also headed to college in the fall, told my husband he’d watched someone die in front of him that day, and it wasn’t the first time.  He explained that many of his peers had attempted suicide.  Some had succeeded.  He himself had attempted it once.

Our nation is sacrificing children – millions while they’re still in the womb and later, by their own hands, while the enemy of God stands by and laughs.

And though hundreds might flood the funeral home when one of these teenagers takes his life, expressing their sorrow that he was in so much pain, (something I had to witness once), others continue the mindless mantra that “it’s a woman’s body and it’s her right to choose,” when it comes to abortion.

Except for one thing: When a doctor reaches up into a female uterus to tear a living, breathing human being apart limb from limb, just because you can’t hear him, it doesn’t mean that baby’s not screaming.