God has a story to tell you - proof positive that He's at work in your life.

Daily we are bombarded with news from around the world.  Rarely is any of it encouraging.  It's our mission to change that.

Have you heard the story about the Christian who was angry with God?  Or the hard-rockin' biker who actually met Jesus?  Or the woman who can't stop laughing - in church?  They're all God's stories and He wants to share them with you in this episode of The Hand of God.


If you have a dream God has given you, guard it. Pray over it.  And when God says "Go", lean on Him to help you live it out....

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I Need Thee O I Need Thee  

Sam Robson was raised in an agnostic household. He isn't sure what he believes about God, but says he's drawn to the strong emotional element of the hymns he arranges.  "The words are beautiful," he writes.

I agree.